Amir Khan: I’ll replace Mike Tyson and knock out Jake Paul in July, KSI and influencer boxers need to be punished for destroying the sport

Liam Solomon

Speaking exclusively to Offshore Poker Sites, former light-welterweight world champion Amir Khan has revealed that he and Jake Paul’s team are in talks to replace Mike Tyson to fight the social media star on July 20.

Khan also wants to fight YouTube star, KSI, and claims he will have the people of Pakistan supporting him.

Read the full interview below:

I’d replace Mike Tyson and fight Jake Paul if he drops weight – I’ll knock out KSI too

Amir Khan: “If the weights are right [I would step in for Mike Tyson] I don’t mind giving away 20 pounds. It just depends on the weight because I know Jake has put on a lot of weight to fight Mike. Jake’s not normally that big, but he’s put on a lot of mass, so it depends on him, whether he’s willing to lose that weight and we find some middle ground somewhere. Let’s see, but I’ve had no calls about that, so I assume they’re still hoping to fight Mike, he’s not going to want to take a beating before that.

“But it’s KSI who has been speaking the big game and once he’s taken a beating, and if I’m going to do that, I may as well bang both of them out. I’d take on KSI first and then knock Jake Paul out after that. Let’s see how he looks against Mike Tyson, if he gets knocked out badly I wouldn’t entertain it, but if he looks really good, then it would be worth entertaining.”

Negotiations have gone far and agreement to fight KSI would be announced in next four weeks – everyone in the UK wants me to ‘smash his face in’

“If it was to be signed and done, I think we will get an announcement in the next four weeks and then we start to prepare. The UK [is my preference] because boxing fans always turn out and everyone in the UK will want me to smash his face in. He’s picking someone who’s very dangerous and can hurt him quite badly. Mike Tyson is long past his best and really doesn’t have it in anymore, but I’ve still got it in me. I’m still training and keeping fit. He’s messing around with someone who just recently retired.

“They want to get lawyers involved and everything, the negotiations have got that far. I’m a prizefighter and if it makes sense financially then 100 percent [it will happen]. These YouTubers sometimes bite off more than they can chew. He’s said he wants to fight and when the contract is signed, he’s going to get hurt. He will understand then that there’s no turning back then. He might be taking the fight for a bit of hype, but I’m not taking it as a joke.”

Floyd Mayweather carries his exhibition opponents – but I’d go in and hurt KSI badly

AK: “We need to show guys like KSI and Jake Paul that they can’t be messing about with real boxers or MMA fighters. We are fighters and we can really hurt you badly. If I do fight KSI, I won’t go easy on him. I’d take him out to teach him to respect fighters and to respect the sport.

“I won’t be like Mayweather, hitting and moving, you go straight in there for the knockout and you hurt them. I wouldn’t carry him. I’ve seen a few videos of KSI, being who he is, and I think a lot of people would like to see me hurt him badly.”

KSI insulted the Pakistani people, they are rooting for me to give him a beating

AK: “KSI insulted the Pakistanis on one of his videos and the whole Pakistani community is rooting for me to give him a good beating. He can’t fight, he’s making the sport look bad, so they need a real fighter to put them right – so they stay out of boxing. Stick to your YouTube and Disney Channel, these guys are making the sport a joke now.”

I will knockout KSI, Jake Paul and Logan Paul for destroying boxing

AK: “After the beating I give KSI, I don’t think Jake Paul will want anything to do with me to be honest. I want to put this Youtuber-influencer boxing to rest because these guys are destroying boxing and until they get a good beating, they won’t realise that boxing is for real fighters who take the sport seriously. These guys are halfway training, drinking in camp – they don’t even have a camp – they’re making the sport look bad, so if it means I have to knock out KSI, Jake Paul and his brother Logan to teach them a lesson, I will.”

I will train with the Pakistani army to prepare for KSI

“It’s an honour for me to be made an honorary Captain in the Pakistan army, they know I have that fighting spirit. All the guys in the army have that fighting spirit as well. Training camp maybe would be in Pakistan, in the hills and mountains with the Pakistan army. I’ve also said if I do take the KSI fight I want to walk out with the General of Pakistan.

“I’d need a five or six-week camp to get the muscle memory kicking in, maybe put on a little weight, and get stronger. You’re not going to have to train hard for these guys, KSI, he can’t throw a punch. If I did a full training camp and I was a machine, I’d be hurting them really, really badly, but we don’t want to hurt them too badly, but we do want to shut them up.”